Antique Quartersawn Heartpine: Our Finest Grade for Your Finest Space

Simply the best of the best—hand selected and made from 100% longleaf heartwood pine. Our quartersawn wood flooring is painstakingly reclaimed to its original beauty in our Chatham County, NC facility, and the rich burgundy colors and tight linear grain patterns evoke the wood’s true character and history.

Every step you take on your new antique quartersawn heartpine floor will echo your appreciation of the past, your commitment to beauty, and the value you place on having the utmost in quality.

If you’re ready to have it all, contact our Chatham County, North Carolina showroom to learn more, and to receive your free reclaimed mill wood sample kit. Calltoday!

General Description: Antique Quartersawn Heartpine

Antique Quartersawn Heartpine is a special cut of wood that produces a tight linear grain face pattern. Knot-free with rich red and burgundy tones, this rare and elegant antique flooring provides a home with formal beauty and the look of spacious luxury.


  • Made from 100% reclaimed Antique Longleaf Heartwood Pine.
  • Content: Sawn From 100% heartpine.
  • Grain Pattern: 100% tight edge-sawn linear pattern.
  • Density: 8 – 30 growth rings per inch.
  • Knots: No knots
  • Lengths: 2 ft. to10 ft.
  • Widths: 2in. to 5in.
  • Thickness: ½ in. or ¾ in. tongue and groove
  • Color: Uniform tones of red, amber and burgundy.
  • Kiln dried to 6-8 % moisture content

Professionally selected and sorted and bundled in random lengths.

Current lead time for delivery from our Chatham County, NC facility is one to two weeks; however please call regarding our quartersawn wood flooring inventory as we have many grades in stock for immediate shipping.